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Data privacy statement
for the visitors of the website

Your data security is important to us! Peruse, therefore, the following segments as well as the Disclaimer carefully. Thank you very much !

1. The approval and in strength step to this data privacy statement

With call of the sides of the website "www.guesgen-software.de" and/or the call of all single sides contained in it, is this data privacy statement and the Disclaimer call and observably, and thereby comes into force. To all regulations of these documents is agreed by the call of the sides of the website "www.guesgen-software.de" fully concerning the contents without every reservation by the Aufrufer of these web pages.

2. This is no company website

The website www.guesgen-software.de is no commercial company website separate a purely private website.

3. Supplier and responsible place for the purposes of the data protection act

Dipl.-Ing. Klaus A.K. Güsgen
Hacketäuerstr. 51
42651 Solingen

4. Area of application

Users receive information about the kind with this data security explanation, the extent and the purpose of the elevation and use of her dates by the responsible supplier are raised and are used.

The juridical frames for the data security form the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the tele medium law (TMG).

5. Capture of general information

With every access to this offer 1&1 automatically information is registered by us or the Webspace provider. This information, also as server-log files called, is of general nature and permits no conclusions on your person.

Among the rest, are registered: Name of the web page, file, date, date amount, web browser and web browser version, operating system, the domain name of your Internet provider, the so-called Referrer-URL (that side from which you have accessed our offer) and the IP address.

Without these dates it would not be possible technically partly to deliver the contents of the web page and to explain. In this respect the capture of the dates is necessary compelling.

The dates are registered in the IP form xxx.xxx.xxx.0 by the Webspace provider 1&1 (xxx = address octet in the area Decimally 0-255). This procedure of the Webspace provider 1&1 makes sure by the Ausnullung of the last 8 bits of the IP address that the IP address is made anonymous and the einzelene user cannot be thereby identified as a person about the incomplete IP address.

In addition, we use the anonymous information for statistical purposes. You help us in the optimisation of the offer and the technology. Besides, we reserve ourselves the right to check afterwards the log files with suspicion on an illegal use of our offer and, can be exported how during the previous sales, einzelene users about this incomplete IP address not be identified.

6. Use of the "SZM" of the INFOnline GmbH

Our website and our mobile web offer use the "scaleable central measuring procedure" (SZM) of the INFOnline GmbH (https://www.infonline.de) for the inquiry of statistical characteristics for the inquiry of the copy likelyhood of texts.

Besides, anonymous measured values are raised. The access figure measurement uses to the recognition of computer systems alternatively a Session-Cookie or a signature which is constructed from different automatically transferred information of your browser. IP addresses are processed only in anonymous form.

The procedure was developed under the attention of the data security. The only aim of the procedure is to determine the copy likelyhood of single texts. At no time single users are identified. Your identity remains always protected. You receive no advertising about the system.

7. Contact form or email

A "contact form" does not exist on this website. If want to contact us by e-mail (the email address you find only in the imprint) , we store the information provided by you to be able to answer your inquiry and to be able to put possible further questions.

8. Cookies, newsletters, Socialmedia etc.

This website generates or uses no Cookies.
This website sends no newsletter or advertising.
This website is of use no Socialmedia.

This is valid for:

This website uses no Google-Analytics.
This website uses no advertising of Google Adsense.
This website uses no Google AdWords with Conversion Tracking.
This website uses no PIWIKS.
This website uses no Adobe Omniture.
This website uses no WiredMinds.
This website uses no Social plug-ins of Facebook like the Like badge.
This website uses no +1 buttons of Google +.
This website uses no Social to plug-in of Twitter.
This website uses no Tumblr Social to plug-in.
This website uses no Flattr Social to plug-in

9. Your rights on information, correction, barrier, deletion and contradiction

You have the right to request at the request of free of charge information, about the personal dates stored by us, and/or to require a correction, blockage or deletion. Exceptions: It concerns the prescribed data storage to the business settlement or the dates are defeated by the legal safekeeping duty.

For these purposes you contact please our Datenschutzbeauftragen (contact dates: Qualified engineer K. Güsgen, Hacketäuerstr. 51 42651 Solingen).

To be able to consider a date barrier any time, it is necessary to reproach with the dates for controlling purposes in a locking file. If no legal archiving duty exists, you can also require the deletion of the dates. Otherwise we close the dates, provided that you wish this.

10. Tip to the data security

The supplier expressly points out to the fact that the data transfer can show security gaps on the Internet (e.g., with the communication by e-mail) and be protected not consistently against the access by third.

11. Date passing to third party

Registered dates are not transmitted basically to third party for the evaluation or processing.
An exception to it, is made only if on grounds of a legal regulation a valid, judicial arrangement of a court of the FRG is given which forces us to the passing on of dates

12. Data privacy statement and our Disclaimer

This data security explanation is always a binding component of the Disclaimers. This is laid down in the Disclaimer again expressly in writing.

13. Data privacy statement with links and references to the files from www.guesgen-software.de and all files in Unterzeichnissen by third

With links and references to files from www.guesgen-software.de and all files in unterregistering the responsibility for the data security lies with the operating authority of the respective website / web page which have proposed this link or reference. Besides, it is unimportant whether it, besides, around a link sanctioned by us or reference acts or whether this link or reference was proposed without our knowledge, wish or without our written licence.

14. Change of our data privacy statement

To guarantee that our data security explanation always corresponds to the current legal default, we reserve ourselves any time changes. This is also valid for the case that the data security explanation must be adapted on account of new or revised performances, for example, of new services. Then the new data security explanation reaches in your next visit on our offer.

15. Severability clause to the data privacy statement

If one or several regulations of this Datenschutzerkärung are ineffective or become, this does not touch the effectiveness of the other regulations. The ineffective regulation is to be substituted with the concerning the contents most near coming, effective regulation.

Source: "Datenschutz-Konfigurator von mein-datenschutzbeauftragter.de"  - adaptation by qualified engineer K. Güsgen