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Only the installation email activates the application !

For the purpose of activation, an installation email is sent to the developer at the first start after installation of the application to activate the software. Without this installation email the software will not be activated and cannot be used. 

Obtaining the user's consent to this procedure

The user's consent to this procedure shall be obtained legally and in conformity with the german law upon notification and acknowledgement of the license agreement by the user during the installation of the software, namely through the implied act of consenting to the license agreement.
During installation, the user always has the option of rejecting the license agreement - in return, the software will not be installed.
The disclaimer and data protection declaration have entered into force via the license agreement and are therefore legally valid..

Display help for this procedure:

First you can select the language of the possible help texts.


A hint box with links to the various help texts is offered.

Hilfstexte zur Installationsemail

The links open the browser integrated in the application and display the help texts in the browser.

"CONTINUE Sende email or cancel"; leads to the installation mail, which can also be canceled. This is described in the following section.

The installation email contains:

This message contains the following data as of 01. January 2018 :

Daten der Email

The data do not allow conclusions to be drawn about the person or address of the user, i. e. the user remains unknown to me and anonymous, unless the user has set up this data (not recommended). It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the data is anonymous. Should these data, however, contain data in plain text which lead or may lead to the identification of the user, this is expressly intended by the user. Please refer to the corresponding passages in the license agreement or disclaimer as part of the license agreement.

The above data will be sent via a special email account. The sender email account of the user and the email address of the user are not used.
The sender remains anonymous and not identifiable via the installation email adress data.

Freedom of choice for the user:

The user can now decide again whether he wants to send the installation email with the displayed data or whether he wants to refuse to send the installation email.

If he does not want to send the installation email, this will be acknowledged as follows::

Keine Registrierung.

If the installation email is rejected, no data will be transmitted and the software will not be activated and therefore cannot be used.

However, the user is able to send the registration when the program is restarted and thus activate the software.

If the installation email is to be sent and this was successful, you will see the following message:

Erfolgreiche Registrierung.

Troubleshooting the installation e-mail

But there's also a time when something can't work. For example, the Internet connection is faulty or not switched on or something similar. Then you receive the message:

Kein Internet verfügbar.

The internet functionality is the responsibility of the user and not of my software. Error messages for this are discarded.

It is also possible, however, that the mail server is not accessible, or that something on the Internet does not work as it should, i. e. the mail could not be sent to the manufacturer despite Internet access. The following error message is then generated:

Fehler beim senden.

If you receive this message, then my software could not send the installation email because the remote peer, i. e. the mail server, did not respond.

This is not a bug in my software but only a hint to the user: "Attention !" - The Internet connection to the server was not possible and the installation email was not sent!"; No change will be made to this procedure as there is an additional emergency option.

If you report this to me as an error, it will always be treated as a false alarm, as my software is not intended to and cannot fix any malfunctions on the Internet or network";.
The internet functionality is the responsibility of the user and not of my software. Error messages for this are discarded. However, you have the option to choose the following emergency option.

Manual activation as an emergency option:

However, if it is not possible to unlock the software via installation email despite several intensive attempts, then I may be willing to provide the users with a manual unlock code..

This provision by telephone in Germany is a service which is subject to a charge in any case. Abroad, this option is only possible by "old-fashioned" -  letter. The payment of this service by time and possibly postage/call fee is not a license fee, but only covers my necessary expenses. This should also prevent the attempt to bypass the installation email in this way. Please contact us personally. Please remember - this is not an error and will not be accepted as an error message.

If you have received an emergency unlock code, please proceed as follows:

The manual unlock code is entered in the following box and represents a longer sequence of digits, the length of which may vary from version to version.

Input Code

After entering the activation code there are two possibilities:

The code was valid and the software is unlocked.

Code war OK

The unlock code is invalid.

Ungültiger Code.

For information: The unlock code is always changed with each new released version. It is therefore advisable to make sure that the activation via installation email works so that you do not incur costs with every version change.